Boston, Massachusetts

1368975122338I had taken this photo last year and edited it. To me this photo is like the before and after of the 9/11 building in New York. Even though major building didn’t collapse or are physically gone, it feels a bit like it is though. It’s already been about a month since this tragedy has happened, it feels like it happened yesterday. In some ways it brought the community together. Everyone was nice to another, I even saw a guy on a street corner waving a flag proudly.

I took this photo with my Droid Bionic.

I notice.

A poem written by me.

There are two types of people.
The type of person who cares,
And those who pretend that they do.
I notice those who care.
I notice the little things people say.
I notice the little things people do.
I notice the little things that help the big picture stand out.
And I notice the little things people don’t do.
I notice how if somebody is sad or upset
the person who pretends to care,
will ask what is wrong.
Whereas the person who cares
will give the upset person a hug, with no words.
Those are the best hugs.
I notice the people who cheer for the underdog,
Rather than cheer against them.
I notice the pop of color in a painting,
Rather than just the image of the painting
I notice the little things that people don’t notice.
The things that make the bigger things even greater.
I notice even the smallest things,
Whether it be a simple smile or a wave to a person passing by.
I notice how it can make somebody’s day a lot better,
Because their existence is acknowledged by somebody else.
I notice all these things.

San José Is The Place To Go

If you are looking for places to visit in Costa Rica, visit San José! San José is the nationals largest city with a total population of 288,054 . It’s known for major transportation and is the safest and least violent city in Costa Rica. San José is also such a historical and beautiful place.

A place that’s hot is the Arenal Volcano. the correct Spanish name is Volcán and is an active andesitic strat volcano. It is located in the north-western part of Costa Rica. The elevation of the volcano is 5,479.

A place to cool off is at the Celeste River. The color of the water is a beautiful turquoise color. The river is located in Tenorio Volcan National Park. The color is caused by a chemical reaction between sulfer and calcium carbonate mixing.

There is also a lot of history of San José and you can visit the Museo Nacionel de Costa Rica, or the National Museum of Costa Rica. It is located in San José and was built in 1917. This building has bullet wholes in the side of it from the 1948 civil war that took place there.


The final place you can visit while your in San José is the National Theatre of Costa Rica. This place is located in the central section of San José. It was opened to 1897 and is used as an opera house and theatre.

These are only few some of the  gorgeous and historical places you can visit while you’re in Costa Rica.