Some may think it is stupid,

But there are few that ever feel the rush of water flowing over their body

The idea that you may never stop,

But the idea that you may never move.

It is so much work paid off

Countless hours towards everything

All related to one thing.

The will to win flows through our veins

We feel the water,

For we are its people

We speak with each other,

and have fun at every turn

But secretly, this we do not share,

We do work, and we do push ourselves

For we fight against something no other athletes do.

The water

We are not the ones to look down on, for if you do,

We shall pass you on the inside

We know who we are

We are swimmers

The Unexpected Night

All you see is black

Your mind is hazy

You look right, black

You look left , black

But you see something

Something faintly in the distance

You appear to be getting closer,

But you notice you are not moving.

The object gets closer and closer

And finally, flies by you.

You catch a slight glance of what it may be.

You see a face, golden, flat, with a partial black

And you see a tail.

A curly, short tail.

You wonder to yourself,

What was that.

You go home, and go to bed

When you wake up in the morning.

Your head is clear, so you get out of bed.

You notice your dog.

He looks familiar, very familiar.

R/C Wi-SPI Helicopter

Wi-Spi HeliSo do you remember when you were younger, playing with that toy helicopter or plane? Wishing that someday, they would make on without that flimsy controller, or even that could take video? Well, they did it! Actually, they did both! They now have a helicopter that can take live video, and be controlled with your iPhone. Now with the R/C Wi-SPI Helicopter, you can video your sibling taking your favorite cereal, or just have fun flying this around your neighborhood. This toy is fun for all ages (Recommended 14+) and even if you don’t think you will have any fun with it, get it for someones birthday! It’s a great gift to give if you know someone still has that “inner child” in them.

The Firefall

People have been coming to see the Yosemite Firefall for decades. This spectacular natural happening of water falling only happens once every February. You see, when the water falls down the side of a granite cliff, the light hits it at the perfect angle which gives it the illusion of molten lava. Hundreds upon Hundreds of photographers gather here every year to witness this beautiful, but yet stunning imagery. It all started when photographer Carleton E. Watkins carried pounds of camera equipment, sheets of glass, and chemicals into YosemFirefall at Yosemiteemit Valley in a darkroom wagon. Mr. Watkins captured stunning images of the granite cliffs and waterfalls. After seeing Mr. Watkins’s photos, president Abraham Lincoln signed a legislature in 1864 to preserve the valley. Then in 1973, Galen Rowell, was driving through the park after a winter climb when he spotted the firefall. He rushed to a good vantage point, and took a photo of the phenomenon, “Last Light on Horsetail Fall”. For Decades, photographers have tried to find out when to capture the image. Finally one time in 2009, Michael Frye used multiple video cameras to pick the perfect window to get a picture of the firefall. Ever since then, Hundreds of photographers have flocked to the park to get a picture of the magnificent feat of nature.

Russian Meteor

On Friday, February 15, a meteor exploded nearly 930 miles outside of Moscow, Russia with a force of about 20 atomic bombs, injuring more than 1,000 people. There had been multiple videos taken of it, which have caused it to become a widely known phenomenon. While scientists predict that the meteor was only the size of a school bus and weighed about 7,000 tons, the fireball it created was truly dramatic. It shocked thousands of people across Siberia. All of the videos, taken just after sunrise, capture a blazing fireball that looks somewhat like something from a world ending science fiction movie. The largest recorded meteor strike in more than a century occurred just hours before the 150 foot asteroid (DA14) passed within about 17,000 miles of earth. The European Space Agency said that “it’s experts had found no connection with the asteroid and the Russian meteor, just a cosmic coincidence.” Continue reading

The Space Cloud

black-hole-milky-way-cloudOur Milky Way black hole is about to get a very filling meal. According to scientists, there is a giant space cloud that is destined to fall into the mouth of the black hole. The black hole, or Sagittarius A-star has an estimated mass of over 4 million of our suns. Astrophysicist Stefan Gillessen of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Munich, Germany has been watching the center of our galaxy for over 20 years. He has seen 2 stars come close to Sagittarius A, and they went past unharmed. He does not think this will be the case though, for the giant space cloud. He predicts that “The gas cloud will be completely ripped apart by the tidal forces of the black hole.” Even though black holes are unseeable by the human eye, they have a gravitational pull so strong not even light can escape its clutches. The cloud, which will pass within 25 million miles of the black hole. The black hole is currently estimated to be moving at an accelerating speed of 5 Million MPH, this has nearly doubled in the last 7 years. The space cloud is already starting to shred apart. The area around a black hole is so bright, scientists can see when matter falls into it. Scientists are looking forward to this opportunity to see something go into our own black hole. When the space cloud goes explodes, it will release x-ray radiation that will be visible from earth. The space cloud is said to be gobbled up around mid to late 2013. Continue reading

Naples Cars

lamborghinis-in-naples-florida-showIf you are taking a ride through Boston, you may see the occasional Mercedes, or BMW roaming the streets. But if you go to Naples, Florida you will see probably 10 plus Mercedes, Audis, and Porsches driving through the streets. If you are real lucky, you will be able to see the top performance cars. This genre includes Maserati’s, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and even Rolls Royces. These cars are not very rare, but belong to the richest people that have beach side houses in Port Royal. If you are driving down a highway in Massachusetts, you will see a lot of Toyotas, Hondas, and Hyundai’s. But if you are driving down a highway in Naples, you are more likely to see the most expensive cars in the country. Maybe 1 out of every 20 cars may be an expensive sports car. Lets just put it this way, there is no shortage of nice cars in Naples.


Prometheus is a stunning action movie mixed with science fiction and a little bit of jumps. In the 2097, the space shuttle Prometheus and its 17 crew members have been traveling for over 2 years, in search of man kinds “engineers”, or “creators”. They have traveled to a moon that has housed these “engineers” for thousands of years. Upon landing, they spot what seems to be a sphere, or type of pyramid. Little do they know, that what lies in the pyramid will shock them beyond belief. The crew must fight to survive while in the pyramid, and while in there ship, for some things are not what they seem to be. This movie is a true test of ones will to survive, even when all is lost. Watch the movie prometheus today, and be shocked by the stories and secrets inside.