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If you have been on twitter recently you may have seen #freeke$ha trending #1. The whole idea behind this hashtag is to make everyone aware of what has happened to her. If you don’t know what happened to her or who Ke$ha is this blog will inform you.

Ke$ha is a world famous pop star, even though she hasn’t released any music since 2012. Ke$ha is know for her hit songs Tik Tok, Timber, Blow, and Die Young. There is a reason behind her not releasing any more music. Dr. Luke Gottwald, her producer, allegedly raped and drugged her. Ke$ha appealed against Sony Music Entertainment and Kemosabe Records, the companies her contract is under. One thing different about Ke$ha’s case then many others is she doesn’t want Dr. Luke to be charged with anything she just wants to be released from her contract. Ke$ha brought Dr. Luke and Sony to…

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