Ways To Get Out of Awkward or Embarrassing Situations.


Way to get out of Awkward or Embarrassing Situations:

  1. A) That awkward moment when you are zoning out in class and the teacher calls on you. This happens to me all the time; it is so weird. Over the course of the past couple years I figured out that if you say “um uh” a couple times it doesn’t work and the class laughs at you. I have a technique that can never go wrong.

Step 1: Ask: “May you please restate the questions?”

Step 2: If she says were you listening? Quickly say, “ I was but I didn’t quite understand the question.”

Step 3: Answer the question

  1. B) That embarrassing moment when you under dress for something. You never forget thing like this; when you show up to a party and everyone is all dolled up and you come in your oversized sweatshirt and ripped jeans. These situations…

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