Chapter Three


When reading this chapter, please take note that it is set eight years after Chapter Two. That’s kind of important information. Also, if anyone has any constructive criticism or ideas on where the book should go, you should contact me or write it in the comments (as for the ideas, I have already written up to Chapter Twelve.)

~eight years later~

Nathan didn’t regret killing Cliff Bowers. Something had changed within the brown-eyed, shy boy in the fifth grade. Something dark. Something Nathan would never be able to return from.

He was on the run. Well, he had been. Nathan had left Ashborough to pursue something, but even he didn’t know what that something was. After he had killed Cliff, he felt this odd sense of… freedom. He had thought it all out. Nathan hadn’t been caught, but he had killed two birds with one stone.

Nathan was returning to…

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