Best Shows & Movies on Netflix


Best Shows to Watch on Netflix

For $7.99 a month you can have the best thing ever. Netflix can make any day better.These are all the best Netflix shows and movies to spend your weekend watching.

  1. White Chicks

White Chicks is by far my favorite comedy movie. It’s about two FBI agents dressing up and posing as stereotypical rich teenagers. They learn what it’s like to be like a girl and what they face daily.

2. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is a mystery show. The plot of PLL is, 5 girls are best friends but on memorial day one of them goes missing. A year after she is considered dead and the 4 best friends get tortured and blackmailed by an anonymous person who goes by “-A”.

3. Mean Girls (And Means Girls 2)

Mean Girls is about a stereotypical, average high school. A girl from Africa named…

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