One of The Worst MLB Pitchers (2014)


We all know the names of the best in the game, but who are the worst? Here’s a pitcher who’s stats none desire for, and surprise people how he’s been in the MLB this long.

John Danks, never heard of him, right? That’s because of his uncharacteristically high ERA and WHIP, while being paid $15 MILLION per year. At an ERA of 4.69 in his career, and a WHIP of 1.34 it can be surprising that he has not yet been sent to Triple A, especially since he has  had more than a 3-1 loss to win ratio in the last few years.

You can say there are many more pitchers who have higher ERAs in the MLB, and there are. But, how many do you see being paid $15 million to lose nearly twenty games a year? You only see one, and his name is John Danks.

In Major…

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