Fallout 4 Review (No Spoilers!)


On November 10, 2015, Bethesda Game Studios released the 4th installment of the Fallout franchise (4th installment in the main series), Fallout 4. Alike former Fallout games, the goal is for you to survive and thrive in the nuclear “wasteland”, and in Fallout 4; the wasteland you explore is Massachusetts very own, Boston. On the 10th, I received my copy of Fallout 4, along with a digital copy of Fallout 3 and a Fallout 4 perk chart poster (seen below).

Fallout_4_perk_poster.jpg Credit to Bethesda Softwares. All elements do not belong to me and are owned by Bethesda Game Studios and those who are affiliated with “Fallout”.

I quickly downloaded the game and with in the first 10 minutes of playing, I was already feeling like a true vault-dweller.

The character creation allows for many different looks, both male and female. Later in the game, you are able to change your characters…

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