20 Life Hacks (with cupcakejordanblogs!)


P.S. this is a collaboration with Jordan (https://cupcakejordanblogs.wordpress.com) so check out the other 10 life hacks on her blog!

  1. No-drip popsicle trick:

Popsicles can be the ultimate summer treat, but can also be the leading cause of uncomfortably sticky fingers and an abandoned half eaten popsicle. You can’t exactly stop the sun from shining and temperatures from rising, but you can stop your sticky popsicle from getting all over your hands. Just take a cupcake liner and either pierce your popsicle stick directly into the center of it, or create a small incision with a pair of scissors or a knife to slide it into. The melted portion of your treat will just drip right into it. (If you want an even longer lasting mess-free experience, used glassine or foil liners).

  1. Waffle Iron + brownie mix = instant dessert

This is an ingenious idea and it’s crazy that no one…

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