Mike Condon Has Stepped Up To Play With Carey Price Out


Mike Condon has been unbelievable with Carey Price out. He has the second best goals against average in the league (1.73 GAA) and tied for sixth in save percentage with….Carey Price (.936 SP). You would think the canadiens would struggle without Carey Price in the lineup, but they still look like a first place team without him. If anyone was watching The Montreal Canadiens play the Boston Bruins last weekend it was an eyeopener for them. The Bruins controlled the whole game but the Canadiens still got the win. Even if the Canadiens don’t play well, they still have a chance to win. But the game probably would’ve went to overtime if the Bruins didn’t have a stupid penalty at the end. Mike Condon shut down the Bruins besides there two goals. He finished the night with 31 saves, that’s a great outing for a backup. His record is 6-0-2…

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