Build a PC: Motherboard

Everyday Technology

The motherboard, or MOBO, is what holds together all of your parts, connects them, and sends power to them. They also come with the UEFI BIOS, which controls everything that goes on hardware-wise in your PC, whether it be overclocking to deciding what to boot first.

Motherboards have many different ports, or places where parts get connected to. First, there is a CPU socket, which also determines what type of CPU to buy. Right now, the most common are LGA 1150, but Intel has recently created the LGA 1151, a successor to the LGA 1150. It is most likely a better idea to buy an LGA 1151 socketed motherboard since newer, better CPUs in the future are most likely to be LGA 1151. However, if you want an AMD CPU, then you’ll probably have to get a motherboard that has the AM3+ socket.

Next there are PCI-E x16 slots and…

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