Top 5 Saddest Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy


If you know me you can tell I’m a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy. I got hooked on Grey’s Anatomy in May (by one of my friends), and finished all 11 seasons by September (yes I’m that obsessed). If you’ve never seen the show it’s about a group of interns and their journey to become surgeons. If you haven’t seen the show there are some graphic scenes of surgeries. Before you read this there are some major spoilers.

  1. Now or Never”, Season 5 Episode 24

In the first five seasons of Grey’s Anatomy George O’Malley is one of the most important characters. He decided to join the military because he wanted to become a trauma surgeon, like Owen Hunt. While he was waiting at the bus stop to go home a girl walking in the street was going to get hit by a bus, but George jumped to…

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