The Difference Between All-Star and AYF/Pop Warner Cheerleading


Most people believe that cheerleading is not a sport however, in my opinion it is. There are many different versions of cheerleading but the main two are the ones I will be talking about.

All-Star Cheer: This is mainly out of a gym and is the highest level of cheerleading offered. There are normally different levels ranging from one to five and are normally offered as Junior and Senior levels. In All-Star cheerleading you will have competitions and you have to be committed to your team. Most likely you will have a competition every weekend. You will spend most of your time at the gym and most of your social life will go to cheer. All-Star cheerleading is the hardest sport that I have ever done. The physical part in normal cheerleading triples when you enter the All-Star world. This doesn’t mean that you have to be “fit” it means…

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