Intelligence Stereotyping

Thoughts From An 8th Grade Writer

I’ve noticed that many people underestimate the intelligence of girls, whether intentional or not. One common thing I hear is “Wow! You made it into *the more advanced class*??”  At first, this may seem harmless, but it implies that there was some surprise that the girl was smart enough to get into the more advanced class.

I have had first hand experience with boys (and girls) being jealous (or surprised, or angry) that I made in into the harder class. I’m surprised how few girls are in my class because I can think of a few who are definitely be in my class, but aren’t because they do not achieve to their highest potential (I know it’s a cliché, but it is true). There are a few reasons why I think this may be. 1. Because girls who are smart, automatically become “less attractive” and 2. Because when guys don’t…

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