Fall Out Boys Five Most Popular Songs 2005-2009


Many of you have probably heard of Fall Out Boy, and if you haven’t then you may have never listened to a radio. “Centries” and “Uma Thurman” are probably the most played Fall Out Boy songs on the air right now and if you’ve watched Big Hero 6, then you have heard the song “Immortals” that plays when Hiro is helping design everyone’s suits and helping them learn to use/helping design their weapons. Now, why am I telling you all this? That’s because Fall Out Boy has become more popular throughout their time as a band, but (in my observations), the only albums that really get noticed are Save Rock and Roll and American Beauty/American Psycho (the two albums released after Fall Out Boy’s hiatus). If I were to go up to someone, randomly, and ask “Do you like the song “The (Shipped) Gold Standard” by Fall Out Boy?”…

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