Traveling to Mars, and Where From There?


Ever since the dawn of man we have explored the unknown, and colonized it. We have traveled the oceans, scaled the mountains and most recently, traveled to the moon. But, the next frontier is the best and most endeavours of all. The red planet, Mars has been roughly explored by robots and and satellites, however, no man has ever stepped foot on mars. Some very influential characters are trying to change that.

Companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Boeing have spent ridiculous amounts of money in the research and development of traveling to Mars. The likelyness of the fact is that we will be sending a manned mission to mars to colonize the surface in the next couple of years, however, there are certain steps we have to take preemptively to accomplish that like assembly, escaping earths atmosphere, and terraforming.

The first is making a base on the moon or…

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