Top 15 Best Life Hacks


Fifteen Life Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

15.) Pizza warmer

No one likes cold pizza. When you’re driving back home from getting pizza, use your seat warmer to keep it hot.

14) No Drip Popsicles

When you are eating a popsicle it can start to melt and get all sticky on your hands. Take a cupcake liner and insert below the popsicle.

13.) Hide Your Money

Need to hide your money or phone at the beach? You can roll up your money and put it inside an empty chapstick. If you need to hide something bigger like your phone, use an old sun lotion bottle. No one will think to steal that.

12.) Earring Back

Lost the back of your earring? Cut a small piece of an eraser and use it like a normal earring back.

11.) Gum

If you pull out a piece of gum, it’s mostly likely people…

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