The Blaze at Roger Williams Zoo


image1So recently I attended the Blaze at the Roger Williams Zoo In Providence. A blaze is a extreme jack-o-lantern spectacular.  It was amazing. I urge anyone who enjoys halloween to attend. The blaze is not just for young children but also is great for adults.

At the blaze there are many different themes of pumpkin carvings , ranging from Man’s Best Friend to Fun House. You can also see some giant pumpkins, this year the largest pumpkin i saw was about a ton.

My tip is if you can afford it is to get harvest buffet tickets. The harvest buffet allows you to go eat at five o’clock, the food isn’t excellent but good. The best part of the harvest buffet is you get VIP treatment. After you have your meal you get to cut to the front of the regular line which is extremely long. At the meal you…

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