How 5 Hour Energy Is Going To Save The World


Everyone has heard of the energy shot called “5 Hour Energy”. But the name is pretty much all people know about the product. Something incredible is happening behind this product, and it’s all because of a man named Manoj Bhargava. Although Manoj is a billionaire he is very modest with his money. He doesn’t feel the need to treat himself to luxuries in life, and feels like he needs to help the less fortunate. But Manoj doesn’t want to focus on one small area to help, he wants to change humanity. That’s why he started the movement called Billions In Change, and 99% of the money Manoj makes goes to this movement.

With Billions In Change he is able to change billions of people’s lives by lifting them out of poverty. All of this starts in the invention shop called Stage 2. One of the engineers who works there says…

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