“Star Wars Battlefront” Beta Review


Star Wars Battlefront’s open beta was released October 8th and ends on October 12th so I got as much Star Wars into my weekend as possible. Here are my beta impressions (emphasis on beta, this game is not release ready).

The Star Wars beta gave us three game modes to play with, Survival on Tatooine, Walker Assault on Hoth, and Drop Zone on Sullust.


Survival mode on Tatooine was short but looked promising. You are a stranded rebel on Tatooine and must fend off 5 waves of progressively more difficult storm troopers. The official game will release with 3 difficulties but the beta only let us indulge in the easiest mode. Playing Co-op survival is The environment is beautifully and it is really pleasing to hear Admiral Ackbar order you around and seeing an imperial star destroyer in the distance. Overall the survival was a good test mode for…

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