Cancer Changes People

E-Dunks Blog

Two years ago, when my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer, my whole family knew that our lives were going to change. At first we were very, very scared. My dad had about 65-70 percent chance of survival, and we were all afraid of what might happen to him.

That year, in 2014, January to March were the toughest months of my life. Everyday, some family friend would come pick up my dad, they would go to Boston, and my dad would get chemo, radiation and then would get IV’s to replenish him so he could take the radiation the next day. This happened for 4 months. And my family got lucky. The treatments worked, and he lived. But there was a huge strain on my family, and he took a long time to recover from the chemo and radiation.

But during those 4 months, he got so…

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