Why Biofuels are more Harmful than You Think


Biofuels are considered a green choice and in 2012 biofuel production globally reached 23 billion gallons. However biofuels are actually more harmful to the environment then you think and here are the reasons why.

  1.   Biofuels are produced from sugar, corn, wheat, sugar beets, and molasses. Jean Zieglers betting on famine and worldhunger.org state that In 2014 the world hunger education service estimated that 11 percent of the world was suffering from hunger. It takes approximately 2.69kg of corn to produce one liter of ethanol.  23 billion gallons is roughly equal to 105 billion litres. That means if the world created corn ethanol only it spent 282450000000 kilograms of corn . However Just 270 kilograms of corn is enough to feed ten people for an entire year.
  1.  Well ethanol produced from sugar can’t be that bad because it isn’t produced by a food crop right? Wrong, Hubbertpeak.com states that Brazil is…

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