Top 10 Running Backs in the NFL


10) Mark Ingram Saints- Mark Ingram is a underrated player, last year he played 13 games, he ran the ball 226 times and got 964 yards in his 13 games played, his average was 4.3 yards a carry he had 9 touchdowns and 47 first downs. He fumbled the ball once last year and they recovered the fumble. His longest run was 31 yards so he is not a fast running back but he is a running back that would run up the middle. Mark Ingram is an ok running back and will improve each year but he is definitely not a top 5 running back.

9) Matt Forte Bears- Matt Forte is a good running back, last year he played 16 games and in those 16 games he had 266 attempts at running the football, he had 1,038 rushing yards with 3.9 average yards a carry. His longest run…

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