A Vacation Out Of This World…. Literally


Spaceship Takeoff

When most people hear the word vacation they think of relaxing tropical beach, or an exciting new place to visit. But who would ever think of visiting outer space? I know this sounds like something out of an old sci-fi movie but this may be a reality in the near future.

Airlines have opened up to this exciting idea. Like Virgin Airlines which has a space line called Virgin Galactic. The spaceships hold 6 passengers and 2 crewmembers. Which they will bring you to outer space but there’s no actual place you can go once you are up there. You basically go up and then come back down 5 minutes later. Only seven people have done this, I’m guessing because of the fact you only get to float for 5 minutes and one ticket costs 200,000 dollars.

Virgin Galactic isn’t the only option on the table. Another company called Space…

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