90s Trends That Are Coming Back

The Mad Hatter Writer

The 90’s were a decade of fun and fashion. Many new fashion trends started during the 90’s. As time changed the stylish fashion trends died down. But its 2015 and many of them are resurfacing. Such as the choker, overalls, flannels, and ripped jeans.


The choker is a stretchable band that is supposed to go around the neck. It is made of flexible material in order to fit your head through it. The choker comes in different colors, and styles. Many people don’t like the choker because they are considered uncomfortable due to the feeling of having something tight around your neck. But after a while of having it on you should get used to it. The choker is a perfect accessory if you want to make your outfit have an edge to it.


If you want to go for a cute look instead of an edgy look…

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