Why James Harden’s Eurostep Can’t Be Defended


James Harden has one of the deadliest moves in the NBA, the eurostep. Also known as the double side step the euro is one of the hardest moves to defend. When you see Harden driving to the rim it looks like a 6 foot 5 inch semi truck is driving down the freeway. Most of the time the defender will attempt to set a charge not aware of the second step James is about to take. As Harden drives he steps one way to throw the defender off so he does not get a foul. Then as soon as the defender moves one way Harden quickly moves the other way while ripping the ball over his head. Harden has multiple finishes with the eurostep. From the Rajon Rondo opposite hand finish to the Harden same hand up and under move. When Harden finishes the euro he almost is always guaranteed…

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