Five Problems Girls with Unmanageable Hair Have


You will only understand this if you have thick, long, and frizzy hair and envy girls whose hair is naturally straight. Here are some tips if you need help managing and styling your hair on a daily basis.

  1. Hair Elastics

If you are like me and have thick wiry hair and snap at least two-hair elastics a day here are some tips. If you’re fixing your hair constantly because your hair elastic can’t hold up all your hair I recommend using rubber hair elastics. Some people say they hurt and they do a little but it’s worth it because they rarely break and you don’t have to fix your hair constantly.

  1. Frizz

IMG_4572After using frizz controlling brands that say “tames frizz” I realized that didn’t work at all and trust me I basically tried everything. Using brands that are all natural and don’t have sulfates or parabens don’t damage your…

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