My DigiFest 2015 Experience

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June 7th 2015 was a day many New England fangirls and fanboys looked forward too, thinking it would be just as they advertised it; Meeting your idols, Experiencing the best concert of your life, and all packed together in an amazing venue. But no, many experienced just the opposite. Being one of those people, I decided to share my bittersweet experience and the pros and cons of DigiFest. I arrived promptly at 10 AM thinking the doors would open at 12ish just outside of the Palladium. Just as Jack Dail, The Dolan Twins, and Carter Reynolds ran past my car being chased by crazy teenage girls, I thought it was going to be the best day ever. I got out and over to my left I saw my friends, and went to go stand with them. We waited about an hour or so, before we spotted our first celebrities, and…

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