Misconceptions About Sexuality

Thoughts From An 8th Grade Writer

I feel I should talk about sexuality because middle school and high school are really important times for figuring yourself out. Recently, I had a friend tell me he was anxious to come out to me.  I was confused, because for him to be anxious, that would imply that he was telling me something that was bad or that he wasn’t supposed to. Nobody should ever feel they have to be anxious to be the way they are.

There are a lot of misconceptions about sexuality. Many of the common ones include that: people who classify as gay or lesbian are ‘inferior”, asexual people “just haven’t met the right person”, bisexual and pansexual people are “confused”, gender-queer people “don’t exist”, and transsexual people are just “going through a phase”. None of these are true. These are just hurtful stereotypes that media has trained us to believe. Instead, we should say…

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