Mean Girls 2: A Sequel Gone Wrong (Spoilers!)

It is true that in most cases, the sequel to an original movie is never as great, and Mean Girls 2 is no exception. This movie is definitely a sequel gone wrong.

Directed by Melanie Mayron

MPAA Rating (US Movie System): PG-13

• Meaghan Jette Martin as Johanna “Jo” Mitchell
• Jennifer Stone as Abigail “Abby” Hanover
• Maiara Walsh as Amanda “Mandi” Weatherly
• Diego Boneta as Tyler Adams
• Nicole Gale Anderson as Hope Plotnik
• Claire Holt as Chastity Meyer
• Bethany Anne Lind as Quinn Shinn

Shot within the suburbs of Ohio, this low-budget film has been made with poor screenplay. Mean Girls 2 starts off with tomboy Jo Mitchell moving to a new town and starting her senior year at North Shore High School. She has vowed to not get involved with any of the girl drama in her school. However, does this happen? Of course not. She is forced to become friends with a social outcast Abby Hanover in exchange for a full paid tuition to college by Abby’s dad, Sidney Hanover. After befriending Abby, Jo gets pulled into all the drama surrounding North Shore’s most popular clique, The Plastics, consisting of Mandi Weatherly, the queen bee; Chastity Meyer, the slut;and Hope Plotnick, the germaphobe.Without realizing, Jo falls for Mandi’s step brother Tyler; this leaves Mandi furious. As time flies by, Jo gets pulled into a full scale prank war against the Plastics, trying to ruin Mandi’s life while Mandi tries to ruin Jo’s chance at her dream college, Carnegie Mellon University. Many goof ups occurred throughout this part of the movie, such as a mess up on Jo’s Carnegie Mellon University acceptance letter, a change in the amount of iced coffee splashed on Abby Hanover changing drastically from one scene to the next, and a disappearance and reappearance of Mandi’s necklace in the birthday party scene. The rest of the movie is about how Jo becomes as shallow as a kiddy pool and how she works her way back up into the normal person she is.

You may have never seen the actors in Mean Girls 2 because many of them are fairly new. However, there are many actors you may have seen them in Disney Channel. Many of them have only acted in a couple of movies while some of the other actors haven’t even acted before. Meaghan Jette Martin (Jo) tried her best to portray her character, but everything she says is forced. For example, when she was reciting her feelings to her boyfriend in the middle of the movie, it sounded like she was reading from a script. A robot could have replaced her because throughout the film, she has a monotone voice and forced expressions. Maiara Walsh (Mandi) is a really free actress and she did a good job playing the main antagonist. I still remember the time she squeezed her cappuccino and it flew everywhere. You could literally see the fumes coming out of her ears. She knew when to put in the right expression for her part in the movie and she also knew when she had to express her feelings of anger against others. However, comparing Walsh to the infamous Rachel McAdams is like comparing charcoal to a diamond. McAdams is the perfect example of a “mean girl.” From using boys to manipulating friends, every scene that McAdams acted in Men Girls had a lot more emotion and strength behind it compared to Walsh’s performance in Mean Girls 2. Although Walsh played a decent role as queen bee, she still stands lower than the original Regina George.

Jennifer Stone was like a silent butterfly. She did a decent job playing the “shy wallflower” Abby Hanover in the movie. However, at in some parts of the movie she is too subtle and more expression could have been showed. Although she may have not been like the excited Harper Lee from her old TV show, the Wizards of Waverly Place, she still portrayed her sweet and quiet role efficiently in the movie.

If you want to compare a sweet apple and a rotten orange, then you are also comparing both Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2. Mean Girls 2 was never played at the movie theater. It was just played on ABC. Mean Girls is full of memorable quotes and hilarious scenes, which makes the movie fun to watch. Mean Girls 2 is like rice pudding. It is bland all through. I know, this seems like a biased review, but trust me, after watching both movies, it is obvious that Mean Girls is better.
Overall, Mean Girls 2 can be watched once, but I just want to let you know that i warned you.  I personally doubt if there are people who will like Mean Girls 2 more than the original Mean Girls. This movie would have done way better if it wasn’t named after a classic. Mean Girls 2 may have not been like the original, but you can watch it once, so you can trash the movie for yourself.


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