Top 10 Quarterbacks of the 21st century

Tommy got the arm

Tommy got the arm

Quarterbacks are vital to a football team’s success it is the most important position. A great QB must know how to defeat the defense and carry his team to victory here are the Top 10 at doing so.


10. Philip Rivers

Phillip Rivers has been a steady and decent quarterback for the San Diego Chargers. Although he has not led them to a super bowl he has lead them to multiple playoff appearances where he has tore down quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and led his team to victory. He has been to five pro bowl appearances in his impressive career. His best outing was 2007 when they lost to the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game. Earlier in the decade he didn’t have to carry the whole load because he had running backs Ladainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles and a 6’5” receiver Vincent Jackson. This past year he was more efficient then he has been in the past and gave them a playoff berth. He became more of a leader this year as he had to carry the load with a Quarterback rating of 105.5 and 32 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, and 4,478 yards. Philip Rivers is the most accurate quarterback in Chargers history with a completion percentage of 63.6%; he is 70-42 as a starter and led the chargers to four AFC west divisional titles. His numbers speak for themselves, he has 32,369 career passing yard, 221 career touchdowns and a 96.0 career quarterback rating. He is a five time pro-bowler and 2013 comeback player of the year. He led the NFL in passing touchdowns in 2008 and passing yards in 2010. ( (Bleacher Report)

9. Donovan McNabb will go down as one of the greats in history who couldn’t quite seal the deal. There is debate almost every year if he belongs in the hall of Fame from what he did stat wise with a 58.9%, 37,276 career passing yards and 234 touchdowns that is a very validating argument. As nice as all those accolades are great at the end of the day it comes to rings and that is one thing that he lacks. Donovan was great for Andy Reid’s offense and they clicked the minute he put an Eagles uniform. Almost every year his team had upside , promising talent and would go to almost every NFC championship game and be 1 close form the Big one so to have only 1 appearance in the Super Bowl it is quite disappointing  since he was drafted so high. Donovan had quite some injuries in his career and people would question his durability. Donovan McNabb had dual threat ability and was a 6 time pro bowler, if the Eagles kept Terrell Owens at the time of his prime I think we would be looking at elite hall of famer.


8. Ben Roethlisberger

“Big Ben” as they call him is notorious for extending the play shaking off tackles and still able to make an accurate throw outside the pocket. That method has helped him with two super bowl rings, he has had some great defensive teams in the past giving him that help. He is big standing at 6’5”, 241 lbs and hard to take down. A two-time pro bowler and a team leader has the ability to win the close ones down the stretch and make amazing comebacks. His playmaking ability is what pumps his teammates up and what stands out from the rest.  His arm  is what does the talking and if you’re corner does not jump the read Ben Roethlisberger is gonna drive it up your teams throat and put a coffin in your defense. He makes precise, accurate throws both in pocket and outside the pocket, short, medium or his cannon for the deep bomb with a career completion percentage of 63.1%. Ben Roethlisberger has a 92.7 Quarterback rating, 34,105 career yards, 219 career touchdowns and a 97-43 record as a starter. Another thing that stands our Roethlisberger from the rest and has him ranked ahead of Phillip Rivers is those two rings he wears saying Super Bowl Champion and that is something that is worth more than any statistics or any record. He is still the youngest quarterback to win a super bowl back in Super bowl XL against the Seattle Seahawks. One of his most memorable game winning drives was in Super bowl XLIII when he drove it against the Cardinals for a back of the endzone throw to Santonio Holmes draped over the defender and coming up with a spectacular catch that won the game.

7. Eli Manning


Eli Manning is an up and down Quarterback one second you’re screaming at him because he threw an interception to slowly forgive him because of his clutch game winning drive. His best moment was during Super bowl XLII against the Patriots. From the snap of the ball you thought he was down for a sack and the pressure got to him but instead somehow he miraculously escapes the abyss as he gets a throw downfield to receiver David Tyree who was covered tight by defensive back Rodney Harrison and everyone thought it was an incompletion but wait he caught it in his head for a big time play! To this day it is still amazing how David Tyree stuck on to the ball because that was the play that fired up his teammates and led Eli Manning to a game winning touchdown to Plaxico Burress in the back of the endzone. He had just taken down future Hall of fame Quarterback Tom Brady headlines everywhere as it shocked the entire country and ended the Patriots perfect season. Eli Manning is a tough durable Quarterback he always been mentioned as Peyton Manning’s little brother but now people know him as Eli, a  two time Super bowl MVP winning Quarterback and 3 time pro bowler. No matter how he does he is a winner people might question his 58.5% completion percentage or his 171 career interceptions but he is a resilient quarterback made of pure steel with a 93-69 record as a starter. He is the Giants all time leaders in passing yards and passing touchdowns with 35,345 yards and 229 touchdowns with a 81.2 QB rating. He actually has the upper hand to Peyton in terms of Championships Eli 2>Peyton 1. He has won huge games and made terrific playoff runs when in 2011 the Giants were in the Super Bowl playing a familiar foe the New England Patriots. It was Manning vs Brady 2 and once again Eli had made a historical game winning drive. He had driven his team 88 yards to score and get the win 21-17. If someone has taken down Tom Brady twice, both times outplaying him then I would say that person has a lot of heart, grit and determination. Therefore he has earned his spot on the most elite quarterbacks to ever play the game by leaving it all on the football field. Eli was the 2008 sporting Sportsman of the year. Football to Eli is tradition from the expectations to do what Peyton had done and living in the shadows of his father Archie Manning. He is like a roller coaster the way it goes up and downs but when he gets hot he’s hard to put the fire out. I would say he has engineered one of the best offense of all time in New York almost as indestructible than a brick building.


6. Kurt Warner


Kurt Warner’s story is a rags to riches story as he was the underdog all his life he pushed himself so hard and that is what lead the Rams to a Superbowl. Kurt Warner believe or not was grocery bagger before he entered professional sports. He had played a couple of years in the Arena football league and had excelled so well he had gotten a call from an NFL team for a tryout. He was a mentally tough quarterback who relentlessly prevailed although at first a backup became one of the greats as a starter. When people mention Kurt Warner it is like a Hollywood script the way his life turned around. Kurt’s resume speaks for itself with winning the MVP three times, the Super Bowl XXXIV MVP with a 65.5%. At his time defenses would struggle week to week to stop Kurt’s amazing passing ability. He is arguably one of the most efficient Quarterback’s in history with 93.7 QB rating, 32,344 passing yards, and 208 career passing yards. “The greatest show on turf” as they would call him drove the defensive coordinators nuts after seeing him beat their game plan and beat even the best defenses in the league.


5. Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers a super bowl winning quarterback for the historical Green Bay Packers. He was the one who returned the “Lombardi” trophy to it’s hometown. He started out as the great Brett Favre’s backup but stepped up and Mike McCarthy made him the main guy. This guy has precision and leads a very lethal passing attack. He is a guy who lights it up on the opponent and can make any throw on the field. Clearly every time he is on the field he is two steps ahead of the defense calling out blitzes, making the correct read and driving his team with reservations for 6. He is a three time pro bowler he has one of the best quarterback ratings in the league with a 104.9 rating.  In 2012 he was the Ap player of the year and an AP second team all pro. He is insanely accurate with a 65.8% and has 24,197 career passing yards, 188 career touchdowns and only 52 times been picked off. He is a pocket passer who once in a while will get of of the pocket to move the sticks. Aaron rodger has pure guts and if you watch him on film he is always in the right position to get his team a win and that is why he is a 63-33 as a starter.


4. Brett Favre


Brett Favre is the most risk taking Quarterback ever in the history of the NFL. He makes huge risks sometimes they lead his team to victory other times they don’t pay off. He is a “gunslinger” as they call him one who isn’t afraid to throw the ball. Over his long and durable career he was an 11 time pro bowler, 3 time first team all pro and was the NFL MVP from the years 1995-1997. Taking football away from Brett was like shooting him in the foot, he was so dedicated and passionate  in what he was doing he made the game fun. He was a fun guy to watch a Super Bowl XXXI winning quarterback with a 62% completion rate. Brett stacked up the stats sheet pretty well with an 86.0 QB rating, 71,838 career passing yards, 508 touchdowns but the thing that everyone remember as well as the touchdowns was the interceptions with 336 in his career. He was the NFL iron man and the anchor of the lead when he starter 269 consecutive games and played through all the hits and pain. He was 186-112 as a starter and left a unique mark on the league. His thumbprint will never even be close to duplicated to how he won the game playing his style.


3. Drew Brees

Drew Brees plays with a chip on his shoulder every time he lays. After he got injured while playing for the Chargers he thought that was the last day he would ever play for an NFL team in his life.  People question this guy’s size and say no way a guy barely 6 feet can play QB but to the doubters they are dead wrong. “its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog” as Mark Twain once said that quote is something Drew Brees can relate to he was Super bowl XLIV MVp and broke Steve Youngs record. He plays with the camaraderie of his team and plays like he is in a battle. 9 times of of 10 Drew Brees will win that war. He has a very good resume with being a 8 time pro-bowler and 1 time AP first team all pro, 3 time AP second team all pro, 2006 NFL Alumni QB of the year, 2 time NFC MVP, 4 time fedex air player of the year, 2004 AP comeback player of the year, New Orleans All-time leader (Career Wins, Passing Touchdowns, Pass Attempts, Pass Completions and Passing Yards), 2 time NFL offensive player of the year 2008, 2011. He also is 117-80 as a starter and has a 95.3 rating with 51,081 career passing yards, 363 touchdowns with a 65.9% completion.


2. Peyton Manning


Peyton Manning is the operator on offense the guy who calls all the plays, audibles and someone who coaches game plan against week after week. Peyton causes fear in the defenders heart. When he throws a 60 yard td bomb it’s like he stabbing them with a knife, in that case I would say this guy is a killer. He get’s his receiver in a spot and the next morning it’s on his highlight tape. He is a very clutch Quarterback and very aggressive. He is a 13 time pro bowler (most consecutive pro bowl appearances-9), 7 time AP first team All-pro, 3 team AP second team All pro, 5 time AP NFL MVP (2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013). His accolades are deep and I couldn’t leave out the 2 time AP offensive player of the year (2004 and 2013) and the 2012 AP NFL comeback player of the year. He has taken the league by storm with his arm leading the league 4 times as the  NFL touchdown leader, he is the Indianapolis Colts All time leader (career wins, passing touchdowns, passing attempts, pass completions, and passing yards. In  2005 he had tasted victory with a Pro Bowl MVP, NFL 2000’s All decade team, and  the 2013 Sports Illustrated sportsman of the year. He had 55 touchdowns in 2013 breaking Tom Bradys record in 2007. He has a 97.2 career Qb rating , 69,964 career passing yards, 65.5% completion and is 178-85 as a starter. He has won 1 super bowl in three appearances despite his fantastic regular season stats he’s been taken down by other Quarterbacks. Peyton Manning is resilient when he had severe neck surgery he was able to come back the next year from the devastating pain and top his previous monster season.


1. Tom Brady


Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback to play this game we call football. He is the one quarterback you want when the pressure is on and their high stakes up for grabs. No one expected the 199th overall pick to be the next Joe Montana but that is what Tom Brady does he fights. He might say it was a tragedy at first when Drew Bledsoe got injured but it gave Brady an opportunity. As they say when a opportunities don’t come often and when they do you have to grab them. I would say that Tom Brady next to Joe montana is the most clutch quarterback in history. He lead the patriots to dynasty like levels with the genius of Bill belichick and three super bowls in five appearances he has earned the spot of number 1. He has more rings than anybody on this list and that is the deal breaker. He is a 9 time pro bowler, 2 time AP first team all pro. He was the 2009 Ap nfl mvp and led the pats to a 16-0 season. He holds almost any record in the book and is the Patriots all time leader in passing yards, touchdowns and completions. He has a career 95.7 QB rating, 49,149 career passing yards, 359 touchdowns and a 63.4%. Tom Brady is the definition of a football god and that is why he is 166-51 as an NFL starter.

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