Top 10 Rock Bassists

Judgmental Music

Bass Guitar
Rock n’ roll has developed incredibly over the years, but one things that has not been considered is the bass guitar.  This is a list of all the top ten bassists in rock n’ roll.  All of the decisions made are bias and made from a 1-10 (1 being worst, 10 being best) rating:

10= Perfectly Noticeable

9= Extremely Noticeable

8= Very Noticeable

7= Could See Comparison

6= Some People Could Relate

5= Average/Standard

4= Lower Strength

3= Takes Some Listening To Notice

2= Weak

1= No comparison (Need to have a broad idea of genres to be able to compare)

10. Krist Novoselic

Clarity: 8   Beat: 6   Speed: 3   Range: 2
Krist Novoselic Grunge was a different genre of music and was the most popular genre throughout the ‘90s. Out of all of the 90’s bands, Nirvana  was the one most well known for it. One of the…

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