Top 10 NBA Moments Since 2007

Ever since I started following basketball in 2007, the NBA has been filled with many great moments and scenes that absolutely astonished the basketball world and forever changed the game. From breaking all time records to pulling off major upsets, the players of the NBA sure had a lot to accomplish in the last 6 seasons. Let’s see our top 10 moments…….

10. 2012- Ray Allen signs a contract with the Miami Heat after losing to Miami in the Conference Finals as a member of the Celtics. Ray Allen became an unrestricted free agent in the 2012 offseason. Coach Doc Rivers offered Ray Allen a deal that would make him stay with the Celtics but he declined. Ray Allen’s decision shocked everyone when he joined the Miami Heat. Of all teams he could choose including coming back to Boston, he chose the one that would most upset the Celtic fans. It’s no wonder that he gets booed every time he comes back to the TD Garden. This is one of the most surprising events in recent basketball history.


9. 2012-  The Miami Heat won the 2012 NBA Finals by defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder and Lebron James finally wins a title. After being embarrassed in the 2011 Finals, losing to the Dallas Mavericks, everyone including myself thought Lebron James failed to come through for his team. He and the Heat never gave up, surging in the 2012 playoffs by beating the New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers and the Boston Celtics. The Pacers and Celtics were huge threats to Miami, but they came out on top in the end and won the finals 4 games to 1. I found this pretty disappointing since I am a Celtics fan. Also, at the same time I found this pretty impressive because not all teams can overcome an embarrassment of losing in the finals the previous year. The Heat team seemed fearless throughout the season and James captures a title he so desperately needed in order to gain his respect that he lost the year before.


8. 2009- The LA Lakers reached the NBA Finals for the second straight year and went on to win the championship. This is one of the most important titles for the Lakers. After an embarrassing loss in the finals to the Celtics the previous year, the Lakers returned to the NBA finals and this time came out on top by defeating the Orlando Magic 4 games to 1. Also, Kobe Bryant wins his first NBA title since 2003. Even though I am a Celtics fan, I have to give credit to Los Angeles for surging back the year after losing the Finals and winning it this year.


7. 2010- The Boston Celtics pull of an upset by defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2010 playoffs and went on to the NBA Finals. Even though the Celtics were qualified for the 2010 playoffs, they weren’t expected to go far. But Boston once again surprised the NBA by pulling off one of the greatest upsets in NBA history. The Cleveland Cavaliers were a heavily favored team that would win the NBA title, but once again came up short to the Boston Celtics even after losing to them in 2008 playoffs. The Celtics pulled off another upset by defeating the Orlando Magic and reached the NBA finals for the second time in three years. Many people always underestimated the Celtics. Many people in the beginning of the season thought that the players were getting old or can’t carry their team all the way. But never count out the Celtics. They are fighters. They proved that when they beat the Cavaliers and advanced to the NBA Finals weeks after.


6. 2010- The Lakers beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals in a seven game series to win back to back titles. Kobe Bryant was named Finals MVP for the second straight year. The Lakers and Celtics in the NBA finals is always one to remember, and the Celtics were favored to win the Championship once again. But the Lakers put an amazing performance by beating the Celtics even though they were on the verge of losing when they were down 3-2 in the best of seven series. Kobe Bryant described the title over the Celtics the sweetest one because it’s against a team that he always had a grudge on. The Lakers really proved themselves against the Celtics.


5. 2010- Lebron James stuns the NBA world when he signs a contract with the Miami Heat. Lebron James became an unrestricted free agent in summer of 2010, but the fans expected him to return to Cleveland despite all the talks of him going to other teams. But the Cleveland fans were heartbroken when Lebron James made his decision of joining the Miami Heat. Let’s face it. Lebron James only left because he couldn’t count on Cleveland to win a title. The Cleveland fans were very upset to see their beloved star leave after being with the team for many years. However, he wanted to join a team that would bring him more fame and titles.


4. 2013- The Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs in an epic seven game series to win back to back titles. Lebron James was Finals MVP for the second straight year. When they were on the verge of losing the finals in game six, people thought that Lebron James was once again going to put down their Miami fans. But he pulled of an amazing comeback in the final one minute along with Ray Allen who tied the game and forced the game into OT. Miami became victors in game six and they put on a great performance in game seven and won the Finals. This is considered to be one of the greatest NBA Finals witnessed in recent NBA history. Being an anti-heat fan, I felt they played a great series and really brought out who they are. They are a team that never gives up.


3. 2011- Ray Allen became the all time 3 point leader with 2,561 3 points made beating Reggie Miller’s all time record of 2,560. No one ever thought that anyone would break his record. But Ray Allen proved himself as the greatest 3 point shooter in NBA history after breaking this all time record on February 10th 2011. The Celtics gave him a rousing ovation the moment he broke the record.


2. 2013- The Miami Heat go on an epic 27 game winning streak. They hold the second longest winning streak in NBA history. Even though Miami heat came up 6 games short of the all time record of 33 wins in a row accomplished by the LA Lakers in 1971. However, Miami’s streak will be known forever. The streak began on February 3rd came to an end to their rival Chicago Bulls on March 27, 2013. But, the Miami Heat have a lot to be proud of with their amazing performance in the 27 wins.


1. 2008- The Boston Celtics transformed themselves into a title contending team when Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo joined Paul Pierce and the Celtics team. They went 66-16 that year and went on to win the NBA championship by defeating the Lakers in six games. It was their first title in 22 years and their 17th overall. This became one of the most successful seasons because the Celtics the year before were just 22-48 and were the least performing team in the Eastern Conference. But the very next year they became the best team in the NBA by winning 44 more games than they did the year before. This is known as the greatest single season turnaround in NBA history. Paul Pierce who had played for Boston since 1998, had finally won a title for Boston and was named Finals MVP.


These great accomplishments and bone chilling moments from 2007 made a huge difference in the basketball game by bringing more competition and excitement. All of the top 10 changed the basketball world forever. Who knows what the next top 10 moments will be…….


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