Performance Phenomenons

Performance Phenomenons

10. Adizero Crazy Light 3.


Price – $145

A shoe thats true to its name. The crazy light 3 is sibling of the first two crazy lights, and overall is a great performer and a likable shoe. If you want a breathable shoe, you’ve found it. The Crazy Light 3 offers ventilation all through the midsole. The price at $145 is reasonable ( as crazy as it sounds to say over 100 bucks is reasonable for sneakers) and is a pretty good pick up.


9.  Ektio Breakaway


A  shoe Brandon Knight probably should’ve been wearing. The Breakaway’s provide top notch ankle support and are comfortable and really provide a lockdown that is superior to other shoes. If you’re one of those players that wants a little more support around your ankles, whether  because of ankle injury or personal preference, then this shoe is for you. It also provides great traction. Honestly the shoe is an underrated shoe with a brand that really has no real name in the sneaker world. But because of its lock down ankle support its starting to make a name for itself.


8. Jordan SuperFly 2





The SuperFly 2’s follows the first SuperFly, which was overall a nice shoe. With almost an identical build to the Jordan XX8, the SuperFly 2 is a top notch basketball shoe. The traction keeps you glued to the floor, it has great cushioning, except for the heel which has none, and it has a breathing tongue, which unfortunately is the only place that the shoe breaths. But despite being less breathable it makes up for it with top of the line traction which makes it a great shoe.


7.  DROSE 4


The Drose’s have never disappointed. They are known for being lightweight and having extra support. The reason for this is because the athlete the shoe is modeled for ( Derrick Rose) has extremely bad ankles as he’s shown season after season. The shoe is very similar to the Drose 3 and 3.5. The only real difference between the shoe is the color patterns. Both are great shoes and the Drose 4 is definitely worth getting.


6. Way of Wade



I’ll admit that at first I was skeptical about this shoe. I mean how could Dwyane Wade be more satisfied with Lining than he was with Jordan ( the company his first signature shoe was made with) ?  But i’m impressed. The shoe turns out to be a great performer. On a clean court the traction is great. It uses Lining Bounce as its cushion system. It also uses some of the best materials on performance shoes. I will definitely be giving Lining another look. Even though it is highly priced at $250.


5. 2013 HyperDunk


I personally love the Hyperdunks. I’ve been wearing the shoe for basketball for more than 4 months and it still has amazing traction, great Lunarlon cushioning, and flywire is a nice touch. Its definetly a great performance shoe. Go to any local middle school, high school, or college game and count. At least a few players will be rocking this shoe.

4. KD 6



The KD 6 was immediately mistaken as a soccer shoe. But it turns out that the innovations made to the shoe work great for basketball. The new tongue is more comfortable and it also has a nice storytelling traction. The only knock on the shoe is that it’s got a plastic feel which is a little uncomfortable, but after being broken in it feels good.


3. Kobe 8


The Kobe 8 uses Lunarlon for cushioning and mesh as its material. Is one of the first shoes to use mesh. Because of the mesh materials the shoe only weighs 9.6 oz. The shoe somehow balances being a great performance shoe, using new Nike technology in the shoe, and being incredibly light. There is a rubber traction on the shoe. In my opinion the Kobe 9 has a little better traction because of its foot pattern. The Kobe 8 still has amazing rubber traction and against any other shoe would probably win the traction battle. Overall the Kobe 8 is a top notch shoe.


2. Lebron 11


The Lebron 11 was a highly anticipated release. Its more of a big man’s shoe. The armoured look of the shoe makes it far from light weight. It uses flywire throughout the shoe behind the plastic plates. It is said to have too much cushion especially in the back. Lebron himself said at first they were too much. He actually wore the Lebron 10 until Nike made changes throughout the shoe and now he and a lot of basketball players around the world wear them. They are beyond a premium shoe because of the technology in the shoe. They have lived up to the hype.


1. Kobe 9





The T.V. ad itself portrayed the shoe perfectly. A masterpiece. The Kobe 9 is interesting at first glance. In terms of looks it really does change the way to look at shoes. With the top coming up the back of the ankle it creates support no shoe has. Which is good since Kobe is in a huge need of ankle support. It uses a full length Lunarlon for comfort and the traction pattern


4 thoughts on “Performance Phenomenons

  1. I really enjoyed your list as it is a topic I am very passionate about. I do feel the Lebron 11 and Kobe 9 are the best performers on the market and I applaud you for thinking out of the box by putting shoes made by Li Ning and Ektio on the list. However I truly feel you missed out on the best performer on the market, the Jordan 28. I feel this is hands down the best performer you can get as of right now due to its well roundness and level of technology.

    • I agree with all BUT your opinion on the Lebron 11. If the person the shoe is desinged for dosent even wear them, why should they even be on there??

      • Its personal preference. Lebron plays in the 11s as well as the Zoom Soldier and the 10s. Just because Lebron doesn’t like them a lot doesn’t mean they are not a great performance shoe.

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