Eight Series Comic Books Fans Must Read

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From fairies to weirdly named superheroes to animated baby mice, this noteworthy list has a variety of comic books that could work for anyone. Even if you’ve never read any comic books, these issues will be sure to spark some interest.

1. Legion of superheroes:

This comic book series has been around since the 1950s labeling it one the most famed classics. With Superman as this organization’s leader, certain groups of superheroes go out everyday to defeat aliens, monsters, government experiments, etc. With 1,281 issues you’ll always have something next to read in the series. It’s considered the origin of all superhero comics, movies, and, books. Plus, this comic book includes many other superheroes not often mentioned. For example, there’s Magneto, Daredevil, Command Kid, Element lad, Proty II, Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy, Light Lass, Braniac 5, etc. The issues are never ending, the new superheroes are never ending, and your…

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