7 annoying things at the ski mountain

6.9 percent of people in America ski and almost all of them have experienced at least one of these seven things that annoy people. See where you fit in.


1. People cutting you off

Imagine you are going down your favorite trail on a perfect January day. You are enjoying the view as you are carving through the snow, you almost feel like you are flying, and bam out of no where in comes the same guy you saw messing around with his friends at the lodge. There is nothing more annoying than someone bombing down the mountain and cutting you off. This usually ends with the person who was cut off on the ground trying to get the snow out of his goggles. By far this is one of those things that just ruins a run.


2.Not paying attention

The gondola door opens, you put your skis in and step in. You are picturing a peaceful run down a perfectly groomed mountain, not a worry at all. In walks “that guy”, the guy with long hair that uses bro at least three times in every sentence. As the gondola starts moving, he puts in his headphones and starts blasting screamo music and ruining everyone’s ride. So much for a nice gondola ride.


3. People who ski in jeans

Nothing else needs to be said.


4. slowsky

Everyone who has skied has been behind someone who is going incomprehensibly slow and you can’t pass them because of their huge unpredictable S turns. That person that seems like they are just mocking you with their lack of speed. Every time you try to pass them it almost seems as if they are purposefully trying to get in your way.  I find this one of the most. if not the most, annoying experiences that can happen while skiing. Overall, not a fun experience.


5. Forgetter

We all have that one friend who is about to go on the chair lift and realizes that they some how left their pass in the lodge. If it’s not their pass, it’s their gloves. If it’s not their gloves, it’s their poles.This is the same guy that always asks you to buy his lunch because he forgot his money. You get the picture. This is especially frustrating if you are friends with the person and have to wait for them while they walk all the way back to the lodge. So much for catching the first chair of the day.


6. Stairs in ski boots

I personally snowboard, but from what I’ve heard it is near impossible the first time you do it and doesn’t really get much better with time. You see them hobbling down the stairs like an elephant on ice skates. They look hilarious and I can’t help but watch to see if they fall. I can’t tell you how many people i have seen either trip or fall down the stairs leading to the bathrooms at lodges like Sunday River and Mount Snow.


7.How is that possible

You are on the chair lift and you see a flash of light below you and you see a three year old with perfect form take on the mountain.You can’t believe your eyes. How could they be that good? How old are they? All you can think is, can he even walk yet? It’s always a confidence booster to see a toddler fly down the mountain with perfect form. I can’t tell you how many little kids I have seen that are better than anyone I know with a couple exceptions. It’s even better when one of them cuts you off.


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