Seven Reasons Miley Cyrus is The New “Bad Girl”

As Miley Cyrus’s nude bikini flashes across the stage, the audience cringes. Looks of shock ripple through the audience. The cheering crowds gasp, now nearly silent. No longer the sweet girl from Hannah Montana, Miley has proved to be yet another disney star gone bad. Read below to find seven prime reasons that Miley Cyrus has distanced herself from her alter ego of Hannah Montana.


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1. She doesn’t see anything wrong with what she is doing.

After Miley’s smashing success on television, something changed within her. With that came a lot of public controversy, to which she simply replied, “I don’t care. I can finally be the bad b**** I really am.” The ugly truth is that she really doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about what people think and she doesn’t care about what’s wrong with what she does. As stated in numerous interviews, she can finally “grow up” and be who she wants to be. But shouldn’t Miley care? Shouldn’t she care about her adoring fans who no longer have a role model in life to look up to and grow from?


2. The publicity she gets is extremely negative.

Because of the public scrutiny, Miley is constantly in the spotlight, her every move highlighted. The magazine headlines scream “I Need Help” and “I’m A Mess,” but doesn’t affect Miley or push her to be better. However, it actually causes many of her fans to turn away. From the array of tabloids sold at the supermarket, people can see that she has grown into a no-good and inappropriate celebrity.


3. Her parents support what she does.

Even though your parents should support all of your life decisions, there comes a point when your parents need to explain right from wrong and to give you advice when you make mistakes. To do their jobs as your parents, in other words. However, both of Miley’s parents hoot and holler during her performances in the front row when they really should be telling her what to change and how to fix her life. They should give her advice on dressing better and dancing more appropriately and especially how to set a better example for young girls. Although no one really knows the truth of why she acts this way, the two people who should know are her parents.


4. Her performances are inappropriate.

All of Miley’s performances include a show of skimpy costumes, twerking, and extremely inappropriate gestures. She works to gain audiences based on shock value. She has even go so far as to smoke on stage at her concert in front of an entire audience. At the VMA’s, one of Miley’s most controversial performances, she wore a tight, nude bikini, used a foam finger to point in weird places, and twerked on Robin Thicke. This performance put the audience into a state of total shock and left them not knowing what to think or say. Following the performance, people talked about wishing that they hadn’t seen it and even officially complained about the show to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).


5. The way she dresses gives her a bad image.

When Miley arrives at an event or show, she is often dressed in extremely tight and revealing clothing with cutouts on her lower back and chest. For example, at the MTV Video Music Awards, Miley wore a low-cut, revealing one piece, kind of like a bathing suit and flashed it around proudly. Even if Miley dresses for publicity, she should have the decency to respect people who are more conservative and feel uncomfortable looking at her. Her clothes are usually very short and show a lot of her skin. With clothes like these, she shocks many people who are former or current fans.


6. Young girls don’t realize that what she’s doing is wrong.

Because Miley acted in a show on Disney channel, she gained an audience in young girls and even after the show ended, they are still major fans of hers. They follow what she does now and don’t understand the inappropriate things she does. If they grow up learning how to twerk and wear bathing suits in public, they may not have the brightest future.They aspire to follow in Miley’s footsteps but with the dirty dancing and careless attitude, they don’t have a positive role model anymore. Miley even has a younger sister who, no doubt, looks up to her. Whether she cares about her fans is different than her love and support for her sister, and she should try to be a better role model for her.


7. She has completely changed from who she was on Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus began her career with the hit television show for young girls: Hannah Montana. She played a cute and innocent girl who lived a double life of a rock star and a normal girl. Following the show, Miley began a different music career. She no longer sang as Hannah Montana, but as the new Miley Cyrus. As time went by, she began a drastic change in her life, cutting her hair, changing her look, and shooting steamy music videos. She was no longer the sweet girl that families would watch together, but someone who people viewed as an inappropriate role model. Some may feel as though she deserves applause but other refuse to think that she is still a person worth cheering for.


Miley was once the girl who had it all. She had a hit television show, a growing music career, and a billion screaming fans. However, after the show wrapped, she threw all of that away to become America’s New “Bad Girl.”



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