10 Most Evil Harry Potter Villains

Can you imagine being locked up in a cupboard for 11 years? How about knowing that your loved ones will never see you again? Although these ideas seem dreadful, you can find them in the books of Harry Potter. So many sinister characters flood the pages of this magical series that I can keep on going all day. I have decided to gather the 10 most evil Harry Potter characters based on this criteria:

  • Impact on the Wizarding World
  • Impact on Hogwarts
  • Impact on Harry

The Dursleys:


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Although the Dursleys have no association with magic, that hasn’t stopped them from being barbaric towards Harry. During his childhood, they forced Harry to sleep inside a cupboard and do all the house chores. They never celebrated his birthday and they never revealed what happened to Harry’s parents. Imagine living 11 years without even knowing who your parents are. That’s exactly what the Dursleys did to Harry. They ruined Harry’s childhood and they made sure that he didn’t have any sort of connection to the outside world.

Lucius Malfoy:


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Lucius Malfoy was the culprit behind the opening of Chamber of Secrets in Harry’s second year. He slipped Lord Voldemort’s diary into Ginny’s cauldron, which led to the petrification of muggle-borns throughout the school. He hates all Muggle-born witches and wizards and he despises pure blood families who like to associate with muggles ie. The Weasleys. Just like other death eaters, his dark ways and vile treatment gave him a major part as a villain.

Draco Malfoy:


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Draco Malfoy has definitely inherited two things from his father: Hair color and cruelty. Throughout his years at Hogwarts, Draco acted spiteful towards Harry and his friends. Draco believes that a rich pure-blood family makes a wizard superior than others. In his 6th year, Draco joined the Death Eaters and he helped them get into Hogwarts via the vanishing cabinet. Although Draco may have not been as abusive to Harry as the Dursleys, he joined the dark side at the age of 16 and he led Albus Dumbledore to his death.


Peter Pettigrew:


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If I could give an award to the ultimate traitor in this series, I would happily hand it over to Peter Pettigrew. He betrayed his friends James and Lily Potter by telling Lord Voldemort about their hiding place. He then pretends to kill himself and he ends up framing his friend Sirius Black for his crimes. During the Triwizard Tournament, Peter had to murder Cedric Diggory, a Triwizard Tournament participant, in order to capture Harry. If it weren’t for Peter, Voldemort wouldn’t have even come back to life.

Barty Crouch Jr:



Photo Credit: Castellvi

In the Harry Potter series, the words “nefarious” and “disguise” combine to form the malicious Barty Crouch Jr.  At the end of the First Wizarding War, Barty was convicted to lifetime imprisonment for torturing Frank and Alice Longbottom to insanity. However, he escaped, attacked, hid the auror Alastor Moody, and went to Hogwarts to take Moody’s place as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Harry Potter was led to Lord Voldemort because of him. Barty Crouch Jr is a man whose brilliant mind and menacing disposition made him a death eater who is responsible of several calamities.


Fenrir Greyback:


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Fenrir Greyback doesn’t appear that much often; however, does this stop him from causing so many tragedies? Of course not. Fenrir catched, attacked and killed many wizards who went against Lord Voldemort. His motive was to create his own race of werewolves. He is the one responsible for Lavender Brown’s death. Fenrir was the one who also turned Remus Lupin into a werewolf. Killing children helped Fenrir to earn a spot on this list.

Bellatrix Lestrange:



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Considered one of Voldemort’s most faithful servants, Bellatrix Lestrange killed many people who were close to Harry such as Fred Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, Sirius Black and Dobby. She has tortured many witches and wizards such as Frank and Alice Longbottom. Her knowledge of the dark arts is impeccable compared to all the other death eaters. Bellatrix’s disposition and fanaticism to Lord Voldemort has made her a gruesome death eater throughout the Harry Potter series.

Cornelius Fudge:



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Cornelius Fudge does not have a saccharine personality as his name suggests. During his reign as Minister of Magic, he refuses to cancel the Triwizard Tournament although he knows that a person has been killed. When Harry tells Fudge that Lord Voldemort has come back to life, he denies it and he tries to keep it hushed up instead of doing something about it. He ruins the Defense against the Dark Arts education at Hogwarts by using Dolores Umbridge as the professor. He didn’t prepare the Wizarding World for Voldemort’s uprising, which led to so many deaths that could have been prevented.

Dolores Umbridge:


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Dolores Umbridge came to Hogwarts and ruined the whole Defense against the Dark Arts program. She became High Inquisitor and Headmaster of Hogwarts respectively during Harry’s fifth year. She limited all sorts of freedom and she has tortured many students with the punishment of the blood quill, including Harry. During the Second Wizarding War, she sentenced many Muggle Born witches and wizards to Azkaban. She may have not been a death eater, but she was as evil as one.



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Voldemort has mastered dark magic beyond anyone in the wizarding world. He has killed and tortured so many innocent witches and wizards. He was the one who created the Death Eaters. He hunted down Harry through the whole series and he killed Harry’s parents. He tried to take over the wizarding world and he is considered as the darkest sorcerer in wizarding history.


I would like to take a moment to congratulate Harry and his comrades. If they were able to defeat these type of people they should be commended. J.K. Rowling has definitely pointed out the difference between good and evil in this series. The villains in this list are so dark that even a thousand light bulbs won’t be able to light their personality.


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One thought on “10 Most Evil Harry Potter Villains

  1. Hi there! I teach at WA in the Upper School. I am glad you wrote about this topic. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and love to read about the characters. I really loathe Dolores Umbridge. I think she is the embodiment of the worst sort of teaching imaginable, and she’s a horrible human being all the way around. In some ways, I think she’s more loathsome than Voldemort because he’s the sort of over-the-top villain we rarely run into, but almost everyone knows someone like Umbridge!

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