We Want Our Lunch!

How are us students supposed to focus on our work when we have an empty stomach screaming at us? Why are classes an hour long when lunch is only a half an hour long? In six hours of working hard, we are allowed only thirty minutes for a lunch break. In this short thirty minute time period, we also have to use the restroom, wash our hands and stand in cafeteria lines to receive our food. In France and other countries, students are allowed one to two hours to enjoy their meals. U.S. lunches should be extended.

Hunger affects students capability of the work we produce. USA Today says hungry students are more prone to behavior problems, stomach aches, headaches and are less able to concentrate in class. Forty percent of high school aged children skip breakfast in the morning, due to minimal getting ready time, says PBA 30. With no breakfast there is a loss of energy and math scores are lower. These children cannot meet their daily nutritional needs and keep their bodies at a healthy weight.

If lunches were extended, we would have enough time to sit down and eat the daily nutrition we need to fight off illnesses and not miss a single school day. Research shows that eating food really fast can lead to actually eating more calories, enjoying the meal less, and feeling hungrier an hour later. What ever happened to sitting down and just enjoying a meal? Healthier foods usually take a longer time period to eat. Consuming more calories of the wrong fats leads to obesity. A third of children (25 million) are overweight. This is shown by government statistics.

It is not just students who would enjoy a longer lunch period. Many of my teachers have agreed with me that a change like this would be very beneficial. If we had a longer break during lunch, there would absolutely be less chatter during classes and periods such as extra help. Student would have more energy to put into their work, less illnesses, better over all grades and a more enjoyable school day.



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