Slope Safety

At every mountain, there will be people that are inexperienced and do not know how to ski or snowboard well. It’s good for people to go to the mountain and learn how to ski or snowboard, but they should be kept on the appropriate slopes.

People that go on trails that they are not ready for are a danger to everyone else on the trail. According to a CNN article, “Every year in the United States alone, an average of just over 40 people lose their lives on the slopes”. Skiing and snowboarding is dangerous because you are riding near cliffs and trees. Hitting a tree or going off a cliff can injure or kill you. This shows that skiing and snowboarding are not easy sports and more safety measures need to be taken. When learning how to ski or snowboard, you should be very careful on the trails you decide to ride and cautious of the people around you.

To keep people from skiing past their abilities, park rangers and ski patrol should have people evaluated before they attempt extreme trails. This will allow people to learn and enjoy skiing and snowboarding in a safe environment.


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