The Empire Strikes Back

Failing to make the playoffs, the New York Yankees watched their archrival Boston Red Sox win The World Series. The question was would the Evil Empire strike back? The Empire surely struck back when Jacoby Ellsbury signed a contract with the New York Yankees for a seven year, 152 million dollar deal. This isn’t good for the Yankees because Jacoby Ellsbury tends to get injured a lot. But this is good for the Red Sox because they won’t have to worry about his injuries.Image

With Derek Jeter injured who could miss the start of the season and A-Rod who may have his career come to an end after cheating, can the Yankees depend on Ellsbury? In all of Ellsbury’s time with Boston he hit .297, with 64 home runs and 314 RBIs. Also, Jacoby lead the MLB with the most stolen bases: 52. Could he continue the same sort of stats with New York? It looks very unlikely.The reason is because Jacoby was injured many times during his time with the Red Sox. Based on the history of his injuries he may get injured again. Also, Jacoby recently turned thirty. He is aging. Could he still play well as he ages? His stats may be all impressive now but things can change. Which is very likely to happen in the next 5 years.

Between 2010 to 2013 Jacoby missed 256 games due to injuries. In 2010, he hurt his rib cage causing to miss a lot of the 2010 season, which resulted in him playing only 18 games that season. He dislocated his right shoulder in the 2012 season which cost him to miss 79 games. Most recently, in the 2013 season he had a compression fracture in his right foot which cost him 19 games. This puts a lot of pressure on him since he will be playing a star role with the bat and on the field throughout the season. If he gets another injury and is out for long term, the Yankees may need to rethink their decision.

Many fans took it to the heart when they heard the news. The Red Sox and Yankees will meet on April 22 at Fenway park and the fans will give Ellsbury a load of boos for his betrayal on Boston. On the other hand many people will give him ovations for his time in Boston. It surely will be a mix of emotions towards him on that day.

Jacoby Ellsbury was 5th person to go to the New York Yankees after being on the Red Sox. The previous four were Babe Ruth, Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs and recently Johnny Damon.

Many people saw this coming but, what people did not see coming was the money.

People are saying Jacoby Ellsbury isn’t worth 153 million dollars for seven years. The main reason why is because of his injury problems. The Yankees may need to rethink on Jacoby’s salary because its way more than what he deserves.

Will Ellsbury continue his legacy from Boston to New York? Will he step up as a Yankee? Or will injuries and his age catch up to him? Can New York once again top Boston?


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