Moes vs. Chipotle

Moes Burrito

Chipotle salad

There is an ongoing food war between the two popular Mexican grilles : Moe’s and Chipotle.  From personal experience I can relate to both sides of the argument, but, there can be only one winner in this battle.  Not only, should the winner have best tasting food but it should also have nice service, a clean venue, and good presentation.

Let’s kick it off with the quality of ingredients.  Moe’s buys grass fed meat (good for you!!), Chipotle does not.  You might be thinking, “well what is the point of buying grass fed meat?” That was what I thought too. Chipotle is mostly known for being the healthier choice but they don’t even buy grass fed meat.

Next, tortillas: hard and soft.  Moe’s definitely does a better job with this.  Moe’s has quite a few options of tortilla sizes, and you can get a hard taco shell, if you please.  At Chipotle you have two options, one super large tortilla or one small tortilla.  The quality of Moe’s tortillas are also better.  Moe’s tortillas keep the whole burrito or taco together rather than breaking apart and having to eat your mexican delight with a fork, which is what usually happens at Chipotle.

Katherine Chirillo, an ordinary customer who has eaten at Moe’s tells the Quinnipiac Chronicle, “At Moe’s, there was wide range of choices when it came to ingredients.  The lettuce and tomato seemed very fresh and I liked the variety of salsas.  At Chipotle, the ingredients were high-quality, but seemed limited.  The cheese and salsa were very fresh, and meat was high quality as well.”  Moe’s’ fresh tasting ingredients add more flavour.  Who doesn’t like biting into a juicy, fresh, flavor filled burrito?

Moe’s also has more topping options than Chipotle.  You get to choose from a whopping total of 20 different toppings.  These 20 toppings are chicken, steak, pork, beef, tofu, bacon, guacamole, queso, cilantro, roasted corn, variety of salsas, ranch, vinaigrette, sour cream, cucumber black olive, onion, jalepeño, tomatoes, pico de gallo, lettuce, cheese, mushrooms, pinto beans, black beans, and rice.  At Chipotle, there is rice, three kinds of meat, a few different vegetable choices, and either sour cream, guacamole, or salsa.  Having more to choose from means, you get to have more, a larger quantity.  Leading to the next argument, price.

At Moe’s, you definitely get more for your money.  “I wouldn’t consider either restaurant to be cheap, but you definitely get more for your money at Moes.  At Chipotle you need to pay extra for chips, a side of salsa and guacamole whereas Moe’s includes all of this.  I’m a big fan of guacamole but it’s hard to justify paying more than $2 extra for it at Chipotle.  Moe’s also offers a student discount which definitely gives it an advantage.” claims J.E. a friendly customer.

Moe’s is definitely seen to overall have a nicer, happier, and friendlier environment.  Every time someone walks through the doors of Moe’s they are greeted with a big and happy cheer of “Welcome to Moe’s!”.  After the twentieth time it can be annoying, but you do feel welcomed and it is definitely a more friendly environment than Chipotle.  Chipotle you walk into a not as friendly environment.  I am not saying people are all grumpy they just are not as nice and organized, or fast speed as Moe’s.

Who won this battle you ask?  Well, of course it was Moe’s!  Moe’s has a variety of toppings, free chips and salsa, a salsa bar, separate onions and peppers, queso, and a happy, friendly environment, for you and your wallet.  If you don’t believe me, then why don’t you go to your nearest Moe’s and Chipotle.  Let me know what you think.


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