The Dark Truth Behind the Child’s Face

face-72194_640On January 24th 2014, I was surfing Google News to find some juicy news about the world. Suddenly, the mouse on my screen lingered to a link saying, “ 7 week- old girl dies from child abuse, dad charged.” I was speechless yet filled with a dangerous feeling of curiosity. I was asking this same question to myself while I was reading about this horrible tragedy: “Who would do such a thing?” As I skimmed through this article, one thing was certain. Child abuse is growing.

Recently, Quentin Evans was charged with killing his baby daughter by the means of child abuse. According to officials, the baby suffered a broken collarbone and multiple bruises. According to them, this is a clear sign of child abuse and they are still looking for more clues. You know, this article left me with a feeling of anger yet sadness. I share my condolences to the loved ones of that little girl. However, these cases are happening more and more often, which show that we are not making any progress in stopping these events. This just angers me.

Child abuse is horrific because it involves hurting a child either physically or mentally. I believe that if anyone suspects any form of child abuse, then they should report it to officials because it is better to be safe than sorry. Although we may think of abuse to only be visible, there are actually many other forms involved with it as well. According to, 62% of abused children are neglected, 14% are physically abuse, 7% are sexually abused, 6% are emotionally abused and 8% of people suffer from other types of abuse.

I know what you all are thinking. I think everyone who reads those statistics must cringe at them. You all must think that, “ This is so horrible, but what can I do about it?” Well, there are many things you can. If you notice symptoms such as unexplainable injuries or even extreme emotions and mood swings, then you should bring up this sort of information to police officials because these could be some signs of domestic violence.

People, I really do not even know how child abuse started but it is cruel and torturous to children. We cannot let child abuse spread even more in our world. Children should not be hurt in anyway that affects them. Child abuse can change a child’s future and it could even lead to other problems. People of the world, if you suspect something about child abuse, take a stance. We cannot let children be hurt by their environment. Children should live a happy life not a painful one.


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