More Than Just a Pet

The domestic dog was born 15,000 years ago. Since then, dog has helped man and society ever since. There is no other species that has been more beneficial to society than dogs. Dogs have so many uses in society, whether it’s helping people with disabilities like epilepsy or blindness or just being your best friend. Whether your dog is just a  companion or a lifesaving service dog, a dog can change your life.

Another type of dog that helps people is a therapy dog.  Therapy dogs can make sick people feel better.  My Uncle’s dog, Phil, is a therapy dog and he helps kids at Children’s hospital.  Phil does tricks for them and makes them laugh even though they are very sick.  Phil once made a girl talk who had not talked since being admitted to the hospital, a whole week! This is just one example of how dogs help society.

This is Phil at work.

Many people think that dogs are just pets, but they are so much more. Not only are dogs man’s best friend, they can help you in many ways. Owning a dog has many upsides. For example, owning a dog can make exercising more fun and they make excellent walking partners.

Besides the fact that dogs are great help for people with disabilities, they are also just there for you and they are a great way to meet new people, get out there, and try new things.

I think everyone should own a dog. They are more than just a pet.


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