Gay Marriage: Where’s the Harm?

10 years ago, Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage. Since then, they have been joined by 15 more states. But still, the LGBT community is shunned, and 35 states are still opposed.

There are 8.8 million people in the US who are LGBT. A few big breakthroughs towards total acceptance of the LGBT community include many very popular celebrities coming out publicly such as talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and television star Jim Parsons. One of the most prominent is Jason Collins, an NBA center and the first publicly gay athlete in American sports. The fact that celebrities have started to show who they are is huge because of how big an influence they are on society. They could inspire people to be more accepting of gays, and thus cause more states to legalize gay marriage.

The country has become much more accepting of the LGBT community. According to a poll on, 50% of Americans now support gay marriage, and just the gay community in itself, while in the past the numbers were always around 40%. Also, only 43% of Americans find gay marriage morally wrong, contrasting to past stats where 55% of Americans found gay marriage unnatural.

Studies on the have also shown that same sex marriages have a lower divorce rate than heterosexual marriages, and state that legalize same sex marriage have a lower divorce rate then states only with heterosexual marriages.

However, 50% of Americans are still opposed to gay marriage as they find it “unnatural and against god’s will.” They state that the Bible condemns homosexuality as an unnatural sin. They claim marriage has always been a constitution between a man and a woman, and that god hates gays. And certainly, there are lines in the bible that might hint that. But there are other lines that show he doesn’t care. Macklemore, an up and coming rapper, is a big believer in gay rights. As he says in one of his songs, “‘And god loves all his children’, is somehow forgotten but we paraphrase a book written 3500 years ago”

If people won’t support gay rights for themselves, please at least support the children in the world growing up with LGBT parents. People say that kids need a mother and a father, that having two fathers, or two mothers is just unnatural and unhealthy for children. On the contrary, testimonies from kids with homosexual and heterosexual parents show that their quality of life is about the same. In fact, studies have shown that gay parents tend to be more committed and loving to their children than straight parents because they chose to be parents. What I mean is that, gay parents hardly ever accidently become parents, while according to, almost 50% of pregnancies are accidental among heterosexual moms and dads.

16 states have legalized gay marriage.  Since 2004, over 71,000 gay marriages have taken place. Over 25% of gay couples raise children, and everything has gone just fine. Nothing has happened to the community around them, or to the gay couples themselves. So what’s the argument? A gay couple marrying doesn’t affect your life, so why should two people not be happy together just because someone probably 10 states away voted no on gay marriage? I think people are just afraid of change, and just are disgusted because they couldn’t ever imagine themselves being LGBT.

Many people sit back and watch people trapped inside of themselves all the time, people who would rather die than be who they are. That’s why we need gay marriage to be legalized in all the states of the U.S and eventually the world. It would cause more people to be accepting of the gay community, and allow a human being to live a life with all his rights, even if they might be a little different from the majority of our society. As Macklemore states: “And a certificate on paper isn’t gonna solve it all. But it’s a damn good place to start.”


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