Black Ice: The Cold Dark Killer

Recently on December 1st, there was a large accident in Worcester, Massachusetts involving 70 cars. This accident was caused by black ice on the road. The plow trucks were not out early enough sanding and salting, which would have improved the road conditions. This made Rt. 290 vulnerable and dangerous.

These wrecks can be caused by the driver confusing black ice with wet pavement. Black ice is a form of slippery ice that is very common. A driver’s ability to negotiate a car is impacted by black ice causing the car to veer and slide across the road. Black ice is sometimes called clear ice. It is a thin layer of transparent ice. It takes 9 times longer to stop on black ice than regular ice. That’s crazy!

75% of car crashes are caused by wet roads, and wet roads happen when there is a snow storm or rain storm. If the weather is really cold, the wet pavement can turn into ice and lead to whirling and skidding across the road and having the car go out of control.

This happens because the plow trucks are not out early enough making the roads more safe. The plow trucks should be equipped and be proactive during this kind of weather.

The car accident in Worcester, Massachusetts on Rt.290 was not the only car crash that was caused by black ice. There are many other car accidents that are caused by these icy conditions.

Icy Road Safety stated there are about 6 million car crashes each year and about 15% of the accidents are caused by icy roads and snowy conditions. Cars should not be on the roads in these kind of elements. Most of the icy condition mishaps happen on the highway.

There are many solutions to this problem. People tried to remove the ice from the roads by using salt. It does help but I don’t see a huge difference. People are trying to come up with new ideas to stop the car accidents that are caused by black ice. One of the ideas is very interesting. A group of people are creating a product or machine, that looks like a sprinkler. It will be attached to plow trucks and the plow trucks will sprinkle this formula that is made up of salt water, water and many chemicals that will get rid of most of the black ice. It could of stopped the big accident on Rt. 290 in Worcester.

This product could help prevent many people getting into an awful car accident. This solution may get rid of most or even all black ice.


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