Why Hunt?

Many people think hunting is bad. I personally think that hunting has many positive aspects. I am all for hunting as long as the meat is eaten. People often overlook the positive aspects of hunting and just think of it as murder. Hunting has been around of thousands of years.

I do feel that trophy hunting because most, if not all of the meat is thrown away, is not something I would do. Trophy hunting is  the selective hunting of wild game animals. Although parts of the slain animal may be kept as a hunting trophy or memorial (usually the skin, antlers and/or head), the carcass itself is sometimes used as food. Trophy hunting should never be confused with poaching. I have been hunting for many years and is a hobby enjoyed by many. My family, for example, has hunted for many generations and has passed down gun safety and respect for the animals and nature.

First off, I only support hunting if it is for sustenance, which is if you eat the meat or donate it to charities. To me this another way of getting food.  Some people go to the grocery store, some people go the tree stand. Either way most people are eating meat. this isn’t district 12

Another reason I support hunting is because it teaches responsibility and gun safety. Before you are allowed to even use a firearm, even for say trap or skeet shooting, many people have to take gun safety courses. For example, when my dad and I joined a gun club by my house a couple years ago we were required to take a gun safety course.  The course taught me responsibility and that it is not a joke. The course was 3 hours and I learned a lot lt like how to handle firearms safely and the 4 rules that everyone who comes in contact with a firearm should know.

Which are

1. Never point a gun at something that you do not want to put a bullet through.

2.Treat every gun as if it is loaded.

3. Always think about what is beyond your target.

4. Keep your finger of the trigger till you are ready to fire

Hunting also brings many families together. Many people spend their weekends hunting. Despite the positive aspects people still do not like hunting.

One of the main arguments against hunting is that it decreases animal populations. Some people say over the years hunting has decreased populations of many species, which just is not true.Sportinglife360.com says “Hunting is a humane way to thin the herd and keep it within nominal population levels”. In 1900 there was a pitiful 500,000 whitetail deer population in the US. There are now over 32 million. In 1907 there were only 41,000 elk in North America, but thanks to the hard work and money donated by hunters across the U.S and Canada, today there are more than 1,000,000.

There are also many positive financial aspects of hunting. For example,through state licenses and fees, hunters pay $796 million a year for conservation programs. These programs help species have the best habitat possible while keeping their populations in a safe number. Hunting also helps businesses and the economy in general as the average hunter in the US in 2011 spent $2,484 on equipment, which puts tons of money into businesses that help the economy a good amount, considering that at this moment in time there is speculated to be 12.6 million hunters in the US alone. Hunting clearly improves the economy.

If there wasn’t hunting there would be overpopulation in almost all animals like deer, turkey, elk and pheasant. Effects of overpopulation include disease and starvation which is much more inhumane than hunting. In fact some people say hunting is inhumane, but in reality people have been hunting for thousands of years, which raises the question what is inhumane?

Overall, if you put all of the evidence together including the positive impact to the economy, the population of animals, the conservation money and family bonding hunting has many good qualities.


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