Should Lebron Return to Cleveland?


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On July 8, 2010 Lebron James’ notorious Espn television special “The Decision” had shocked the sports world as he left his hometown Cleveland and joined the Miami Heat. Lebron’s desire to win a championship was strong and that is why he joined the Heat. He crushed the hopes and dreams of one city as his career took a different direction.

Lebron grew up in Akron, Ohio and was a highly talented basketball player since his high school days at Saint Vincent Saint Mary’s. He flourished at basketball and skipped college to go straight into the NBA. In 2003 Lebron James was the first pick of the NBA draft, drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers and became the new face of the league.  Sports Illustrated dubbed him “The Chosen One.” When Lebron was at Cleveland he had chosen to wear number 23, Michael Jordan’s number. His fame was already evident throughout the league and in 2003 his rookie year he had the highest selling jersey. This was important because it showed Lebron’s meaning to the city of Cleveland and validated the fact that he was an iconic sports figure.

That year he was rookie of the year and averaged 20.9 points per game and 5.5 rebounds a game and 5.8 assists a game. Lebron’s regular season numbers showed what Lebron was capable of but the weakness that everybody noticed from him was his ability to get it done in the post-season.

A frustrating moment in his career was when the Cavaliers got swept by the Spurs in the 2007 NBA finals. Many sports writers and sports analysts started to criticize Lebron’s ability to win games in the fourth quarter. When Lebron had lost a tough series to the Celtics in 2010 it just built on his bad reputation with close games in the fourth quarter. His triumphant effort was short, although he had a triple double having 27 points, 10 assists and 19 rebounds. The Celtics beat the Cavs 4-2 finishing him off in a tough six games series which would be Lebron’s last game as a Cavalier. Lebron had failed to bring the city of Cleveland a championship even though he was MVP in 2009 and scoring champion in 2008.

Lebron needed a different direction for his career if he was going to win a championship but to some they thought that if Lebron left Cleveland it would show arrogance. In 2010 the free agency frenzy was crazy when Lebron announced he was going to play for the Miami Heat. After his departure people burned down his jersey and took down his posters and the city of Cleveland was vexed when he left. The Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was fined for saying some heated comments about Lebron leaving the team.

Lebron believed he had a better supporting cast with other great players like Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh they had coined the term “The Big Three.” Lebron claimed that the Heat would win multiple championships when he said in an interview “Not one, Not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven” referring to how many championships they would win.

His first season at Miami he averaged 27.6 points 7 assists and 7.5 rebounds per game. The Heat had a great playoff run but lost in six games to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA finals. Ever since then Lebron has won two back to back NBA championships and two finals MVP awards along with season MVP with the Miami Heat. The combination of him, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade has been dynasty like and some are comparing Lebron’s numbers to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Lebron has been a nine time NBA all star and is putting up video-game like numbers and is definitely a first ballot hall of famer and could surpass some of the greats.

Lebron took less to come to Miami but with a 2014 free agency frenzy he might make it up to Cleveland and return back home. Cleveland had offered Lebron more to stay but Lebron wanted to be with Wade and Bosh down in South Beach back in 2010.

Lebron also has other options from teams like the Lakers are looking at guys like him and Carmelo Anthony. This summer will be very intriguing to see which direction he goes for an already promising career. He is known for his explosive dunks and versatility on the court, some have coined him as a “Point-forward.” He is the best player in the game currently and is lights out offensively and will shut down anyone defensively with his athleticism. Lebron has averaged 25.3 points and 6.5 assists and 6.8 rebounds.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have not been in the playoffs since the Lebron James era. Cleveland has had two first overall lottery picks since James left , Kyrie Irving starting point guard from Duke and Anthony Bennett from UNLV. In 2010 Lebron signed a six year $109.8 million contract with an option to opt out at the end of the 2014 NBA season. Lebron’s salary for 2013 was $19,000,000. The Cleveland Cavaliers have more cap room so he would earn more money as a Cavalier then a Miami Heat basketball player.

Mr. James is highly underpaid compared to other top players in the national basketball association and if he wants a higher salary he should switch teams. I believe Lebron should return to Cleveland that is his near where he grew up and the fan base their would love him as the face of their franchise. Lebron would also have a higher supporting cast if he returned then when he was originally there and I believe he could win a championship with Kyrie Irving. Players like Lebron are a once in a generation type athlete with his skill set and smart basketball I.Q. he would be a great fit for the Cavaliers. Lebron has won his two championships with the Heat and are again the favorite to “Three peat” this year but he should make it up to Cleveland. Cleveland is a city that was depressed after his loss and still has problems getting over the fact that the best active basketball player in the world left them for his own pride. Some might say the idea of Lebron returning is ridiculous but it is a possibility. No one in the first place really expected Lebron to leave but with more money and more love from the Cavalier organization  it might have him crawling right back. So say why not to the idea of Lebron coming back it might be a long shot but as we’ve seen from Lebron in the past he is looking at his best options.

The Miami Heat era for him has been like a dynasty at that might be a case for those that say he should stay but I believe it is not the best option for Lebron. If Lebron wants to be portrayed as the greatest of all time he should go to the Cavs and still dominate like he has done with the Heat. If he does return to the Heat and excel people will start to say that he excelled even in pressure situations with the odds against him and that would boost his legacy. Michael Jordan never left the Bulls to join a superteam with Clyde Drexler or other players that’s because he understood what it meant to taste victory consistently. Jordan saw another great player as his competition not his teammate and that is why he was so competitive and excelled. Jordan’s love of the game was what took him far and that is why he is considered by most basketball people as the greatest basketball player of all time. Lebron regardless if he stays or leaves will be one of the greats but he will have to go that extra mile to be the greatest. The Cavaliers fans in my opinion are greater than the Heat fans. An example of this is half of their fans left in game six last year in the  2013 NBA finals when they were down by five in the fourth quarter and the Heat ended up winning the game. That game was thrilling with Ray Allen tying it up with a spectacular three, the point is the Heat fans are nowhere as passionate as the Cavalier fans are and that is another reason he should leave. Cleveland would love to see Lebron , a person who was raised in the area throw up that powder and throw down slam dunks for the team that started it all. The kids of Cleveland idolize Lebron and wear his shoes. To them it would be a dream to see their hero return back in a Cleveland uniform.

2 thoughts on “Should Lebron Return to Cleveland?

  1. I think if he goes back to Cleveland, he and Kyrie would make a great tandem! Do you think the media would cheer him or hate on him for heading “home”?

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