Bad Boy Becomes Mean Man.

Just like his song ‘’Not All Bad” says, Justin Bieber is a caring person that’s been making a lot of mistakes. Justin started his singing career in 2009 when he released a popular single on iTunes after being barely recognized on YouTube. Now 19, Bieber has unsatisfactory behavior. A lot of fans are disappointed in him because he continues to let them down.

On March 5th, Bieber was extremely disappointing. He enraged fans when he showed up two hours late for a concert. At his next concert on March 7th, he passed out during the show and was forced to go to medical services where he posted a string of shirtless “selfies” on Instagram. Not only did he show up late to one concert, he left early at the next.

After the first few singles Justin released, he set high expectations that he has failed to match this past year. Because of the songs he produced at 16, a majority of his “Beliebers” are young – elementary school aged. This is why his songs’ meanings can be too grown up for his fans. I have heard an eight year old singing a song he is featured in called “Lolly”. This song has an inappropriate meaning that the 4th grader did not understand. Unfortunately, the adults in the room understood and did not appreciate the lyrics on a Sunday morning. Justin used to sing about how he would be polite to girls. In “Lolly” he is disrespectful and disgusting while he demeans women.

Justin regrets words he spoke just like any other person. When you are in the public eye you have to be more careful. Another example of Bieber being rude is when he has been quoted saying “Are you from Hawaii, because you look like a beached whale” to a perfectly fit woman while she was sunbathing. He needs to be more thoughtful. What is she was a fan? She would be more offended having an idol tell her that that an ordinary person. He also used the N word in his song, “Breakup Song”.

 Along with displeasing song lyrics,  Justin Bieber has become a poor example. He would not want to see his fans smoking marijuana and drinking excessively but we all know about leading by example. Justin is rude and takes advantage of his fame. Grabbing a fan’s breast in a meet and greet picture is a perfect example what he is exposing his self as. He even took advantage of his fame by making his staff carry him up the Great Wall of China.

Just like his speech skills, Bieber has poor driving habits. The young star has gotten complaints from angry neighbors. While he tries to show off in his cars, he crashes them and is caught speeding. When he came back to California from his concert in Poland he was automatically in trouble with the police. He got in a small fight with a neighbor who said that he was threatened and hit by Bieber, says different television programs, magazines, TMZ or Entertainment Weekly.

 Although Justin is college aged and it’s common for people his age to misbehave, he has young fans looking up to him. I would enjoy if we could see the old Bieber more than we do.  Hopefully Justin Drew Bieber will gain his reputation back, stop getting into trouble and just enjoy music with the passion he used to show in his work.


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