The Actual Pain Behind that Grade.


It’s Midnight. Lily is still flipping through her science textbook. Five other books are stacked in a tower to her right. Worry floods her heart. Whenever she stares at this colossal pile of books, she loses more hope. Just like Lily, many teenagers suffer from the effects of chronic stress.From my personal experience, it is easy for me to say that I can relate to her about the workload that teachers give. There have been times where I have gone to sleep in the early morning hours just so I could finish an essay. Imagine sitting in a sea of books trying to finish homework with tears running down your eyes. No one should be in this situation.

According to, 28% of children spend more than six hours with after school commitments (including homework). This is a lot of time. Children would definitely be stressed and tired after six hours of after school activities. Stress is a problem that children should not be dealing with. According to a blog on academic stress, 64% of teenagers ages 13-17 report that the stress from homework and activities for them is serious. This number seems fake. I mean, aren’t children supposed to be enjoying youth? This just seems preposterous. If more than half of all teenagers have serious stress, then it is time for teachers to make a change.

Teachers, lower the amount of homework you give. A low amount of homework can help children relieve the stress they have. I am not saying that you should stop giving homework. I am just saying that everything has its limits and I can say that homework should have its limit aswell. Homework should be given in appropriate proportions. It should be enough to keep students busy, but not make them stay up all night.

If children are staying up all night, then they are lacking one of the most important activities in their whole life: sleep. A lack of sleep because of stress can cause many problems. According to, teenagers need 9 ¼ hours of sleep. However, according to, teens only get around 7 hours of sleep. If teens don’t get sleep, this will make them susceptible to illnesses which is not good for health. If a child’s health is affected by homework, then is it right to give homework?

Teachers, homework is a great way to help children reinforce their concepts. However, if homework is interfering into a child’s health and personal life, then there should be a change. I will stand up for the children. They should not be kept awake for the sake of school. They should not be constantly worried about the amount of homework they have the next day. Childhood only lasts for sometime. Help children fill their youth with happiness and not stress.


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